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Great job at competitive price

Posted: 871 days ago

Purchasing a residential solar system from APS was an overall good experience. They are a local company that provided good service. I would recommend you consider using APS if you are looking to install a solar system.

My experience:

Research: I originally called Rick Burkhard (APS president) to discuss general residential solar system questions and installation scenarios as I was still deciding if purchasing a solar system was appropriate for me. Rick seemed very knowledgeable in his responses. He was also patient with me even though it was clear I was still in the investigative mode. The quote provided was clear and provided me a baseline for comparison with other solar companies.

Decision: After completing further investigations and deciding where I wanted the solar arrays installed, I decided to have APS provide me a final/detailed estimate. Rick was prompt in his response. We agreed to equipment & final price (competitive with other solar companies) and installation schedule.

Installation: The two-man installation crew did a great job. Brian and Doug were professional, friendly and easy to work with. They arrived each day as scheduled and kept their work locations clean. All aspects of the installation were done in a professional manner (racking, solar panels, inverter and all associated wiring). Once installed, the system was placed in service with no issues.

Permit & PG&E: Rick with Mona (APS Office Manager) completed all the permit and PG&E paperwork. Eight days after the system was installed, we were notified by PG&E that we had official “permission to operate”.

Follow-up: Rick made a final call to review the warranty information (APS installation 10yr, Inverter 10yr manufacturer, solar panels 25yr manufacturer). He also discussed the systems on-line monitoring and other details related to the system.

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